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Dan Miller announces bid for re-election to Nevada County Board of Supervisors

Dan Miller, the Nevada County supervisor who represents District 3, announced Wednesday that he’ll run for re-election next year.

Miller is in his first term as supervisor for the district that represents Grass Valley. He said he wants to continue serving in that role, focusing on issues like homelessness and housing.

“You can’t get this job done in four years,” Miller said when asked how he’d respond to someone questioning why they should vote for him.

“Problems stemming from housing and homelessness aren’t quickly solved, but instead require people who understand the community and can help coordinate resources. The Board of Supervisors needs consistency, along with thoughtful deliberation and community involvement, to find solutions to those problems,” Miller said.

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Nevada County 2017: A look at some of the year’s top priorities

This year, 2017, promises to bring huge change across our county, state and nation. A new president will take office within weeks. A wave of presidential appointees will take power along with him, among them a new U.S. attorney general who could significantly impact our own changes here in California.

State employees this year will tackle the imposing task of developing a licensing system for medicinal and legal, recreational marijuana. U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, expected to become the new U.S. attorney general, has a staunch anti-cannabis reputation. A renewed clash between federal and state governments over marijuana is anticipated.

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