Miller Stances

    • Homelessness

We are a compassionate community, make no mistake.  For many years, we have strived to assist those less fortunate than ourselves.  As your County Supervisor I have been fully engaged in our efforts to help solve our homelessness crisis.

At our Board workshop in January, we again made homelessness one of our top priorities in 2018.  Currently we have implemented a Homeless Services Plan utilizing Coordinated Entry, which is a 24/7 service pilot program.  It is a housing first model to identify and offer services to the most vulnerable homeless populations in Nevada County through partnerships with other jurisdictions, law enforcement agencies and community partners.

    • Cannabis

There is no silver bullet when it comes to cannabis, and like it or not, cannabis is here to stay in Nevada County.  In 2016, our county voted NO on Measure W; putting faith in our County Supervisors to draft and enforce fair ordinances on the growing and distribution of cannabis in our county.  As a County Supervisor, I have always worked to represent the interests of all Nevada County residents and I understand the concern many citizens foster on this issue.

I have diligently pushed for better and long-term cannabis regulations and to explore revenue measures for our November ballot.  My personal opinion regarding the industry has not changed, it must be well regulated and those who wish to grow within our community must meet essential requirements.

Simply put, we must protect our children, our neighborhoods and our community.

    • Jobs and Local Economy

In 2007 our local economy was hit hard by the “great recession”, many companies and businesses closed down and left our county forever.  Some of us adapted to the new high-tech economy by putting many of our former storefronts online.  This is something my wife Roxanne and I did for our business.

Our small county is doing well, but we can do better!  During my tenure I have worked to educate and empower our community to ensure our continued success.  Currently our unemployment rate is decreasing but there are more steps we can take to bring further jobs and resources to Nevada County.

Broadband is essential for our area to attract business relocation possibilities.  We are an underserved region, and telecommuting could be huge in our area with high speed internet.  We need to make broadband happen; and working with the private sector and with PUC grants, it is possible.

Nevada County has always been a boom-or-bust economy, starting with the gold mines, then to the timber industry, and now to high-tech.  As your County Supervisor, it has been my mission to maintain our county’s financial stability and core services in light of economic conditions.  We cannot put our children in debt due to poor planning, we have more than enough recourses if balanced and budgeted properly.

Not all young adults need a college degree to be successful.  According to Jeff Hansen, from local business, Hansen Bros., there are jobs available but no one to fill them.  We need to fill a shortage in the construction and manufacturing trades.  The industrial arts programs at Sierra College and the trade schools should be a serious consideration by high school seniors about to graduate.  Job options are available and entry level pay is equal to or greater than what a college graduate can expect.